80 Years Of UConn Radio: From The Wireless To The Web

 Images From Rockin' Russ's Ancient Archives 

"The way we were"- 1962 Nutmeg Yearbook Photo

1959 Nutmeg Yearbook Photo             1961 Nutmeg Yearbook Photo

Russ doing a Saturday night record hop broadcast in the Student Union ballroom in 1963. Georgia Nikola (bottom center) was the co-host.

WHUS Poet Laureate Percy Lavalier reads one of his original poems while Ed Sparo waits patiently for him to finish during a CCC Marathon broadcast of Percy & Ed On Campus from the Student Union. View a photo of Percy & Ed on the air in the FM Studio.

Jeff Tellis and "Baby" the WHUS remote unit

Jeff Tellis has a leg up on the melody (and the piano) as he rips it up with Rockin' Russ (on guitar) and Russ's re-formed Vince Castro & The Tonettes group at the UConn Winter Weekend concert in February, 1963. Russ had a Northeast hit record, Bong Bong, I Love You Madly, which he recorded under the name Vince Castro with his original Tonettes while in high school in 1958. The new WHUS Tonettes  were Jeff on piano, John Babina on left, Tom Lillis, and "The Big W" Win Heimer on sax on the right.

The Actual Voting for the 1998 Survey!

This is the actual voting for the 1998 Musicradio WABC Web Site favorite songs!

Just One Look - Doris Troy/Linda Ronstadt
I Love You Madly (Bong Bong) - Vince Castro & The Tonettes
I Know - Spaniels

Russ Ginns <>
San Diego, CA USA - Tuesday, November 24, 1998 at 17:56:12 (EST)

Shameless self-promotion by Russ 40 years later!

The WHUS Tonettes became a sextet in the spring of 1963 with the addition of Dave Desmond (center) to the group. Dave's twin sister Davina and two future WHUS female DJs were singers with Russ's original Tonettes (who were much better looking) in 1958.

Yet another schedule- This one is for the weekend of 12/15 & 12/16/60 (Rockin' Russ was so excited to see his name in print that he spilled his hot Ovaltine on it). Dick Rice, Russ Ginns, Tom Lillis,  Norm Zareski, Dick Jacobs, Judi Shapiro, and Phil Barbetta were "spinning the tunes". Dave Millson, Don Miller, Mike Ferdinand, Harry Glasser, Pat Fontane, and Manny Makiaris reported the news "rip and read" style from the UPI teletype. Play by play of the UConn - Boston College basketball game was provided all the way from Boston by Jeff Tellis and Ken Gold.

WHUS becomes FLUB for a broadcast day that appears to be only one hour long. Tom Scanlan became Tom Scandal, Tony Welch became Tony Belch, and Russ Ginns was Russ Ginch in this Daily Scampus program schedule parody from 1961.

Visit Rockin' Russ's WHUS Ancient Archives site for more images

(Photo contibution and description by Dave Millson): "The infamous, elusive Tom Scanlan (top) and me installing a new WHUS-FM monitor antenna on the Student Union Building roof. This was a Photopool picture taken, probably, by my roommate Les Archambeault in 1961, the year before he became the editor of the Connecticut Daily Campus student newspaper. Note Tom's deadly serious "I'm-here-on-official-business" look, cultivated shortly after he received his "X" parking lot sticker."

John Eklund waits for Mike Hunt or Phil Ayshio to call in another pledge during the 1962 CCC Marathon, shortly after he had finished his weekly Hillbilly Hoedown show, on which he played his favorite music - Mountain and Bluegrass. John wasn't wearing this outfit only because he had a live audience for the Marathon broadcast - he wore it every week when he did the show.

This photo of Norm Zareski on the air is from his Ancient Archives. Norm says: "I can't believe I was able to find this photo from circa 1960, courtesy of Photopool at the time. (My 15 minutes of fame). I was trying to be a "cool cat" jazz disc jockey -cigarette and all - at WHUS and in fact I was hired for one summer at WWCO in Waterbury as a weekend fill-in."

1962 - 1964 Images From The Peter Phillips Archives 

"Good Evening, Mr. & Miss North & South Campus, and all who park in Lot C, let's go to press". Peter reporting the news Walter Winchell style during a CCC Marathon broadcast.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel (again): Winston (Heimer) enjoys a Winston (cigarette) while Peter reports the news upside down during a CCC Marathon

Of all the Schedules on display in the Museum, these two are my favorites. It might be because of the shows listed at 2:07 on the left and 3:35 on the right. Names on Schedules: Bob Neagle, Pete Phillips, Ned Parker, Alan Ritchie, Paulette Cunningham.

Still more Program Schedules from 1962 in The Daily Campus. Pete Phillips became Peter Phillips when he became News Director in September, 1962. Other names on Schedules: A. Hopkins, Joe Dlubac, Lucretia Borgia, Byron Pengraph, Percy Lavalier, Norm Voog, Terry King, Georgia Nikola, Mike Dalton, Frank Villa, Carla Saunders, Lance Lawrence, Gene Roure, Ed Sondik, Rena Helfgott, Aaron Galinsky.

Percy & Ed flunked out in 1963 and their show was renamed Pete & Carol On Campus, with Pete Phillips and Carol Chiapetito replacing them. Our 10 watt FM transmitter sat under the window in the FM studio.

1964 Nutmeg Yearbook Photos

"Baby", the WHUS remote unit

Dave Delage and Gene Roure doing Engineering stuff. 

Question: How many WHUS Engineers did it take to inspect the Patch Panel? Answer: Two, one to look up and one to look down. (Contributed by Dave Delage)

Question: How many WHUS Engineers did it take to get rid of hum? Answer: Two, one to hum out of phase and another to take over when the first one had to catch his breath. (Contributed by John Babina)


Mary Lou McGuire (or is it Carla Saunders?) on the air

Al Robbins about to take an undesired plunge into Diana's Pool during a WHUS staff outing

Happy Campers: Steve Primack, Carol Petito, and "Baby" share a somber moment during a WHUS remote broadcast

Five's A Crowd: George Fallenbeck, Carol Petito, Tom Dinnella, Al Robbins, and Steve Primack in our spacious office across the hall from the WHUS studios in the Student Union Building

1965 - 1967 Images (All Real) From The McCarter, Dalton, & Norman Archives

Craig McCarter (pictured) contributed this article about the FM power increase to 1250 watts and the closed circuit AM transmitters.

"What I did on my summer vacation"- More than half of the 'new' AM transmitters were built or re-built in the summer of 1965. Here are three of them in Craig McCarter's home basement.

The 'new' AM transmitters were put in use in September 1965.

Craig McCarter installing the FM studio "switcher" in 1965. The turntables were the soon-to-be infamous Fairchild specials. They had a 55 pound cast aluminum turntable (guaranteed to eliminate the finger nails from anyone trying to service them) and a 1/4 horsepower motor that took at least 10 seconds to get up to speed.

The names of the inmates running the Asylum from 1965 to 1967

By early 1966, live broadcasting ran from 1:00pm to 11:30pm. Relax was now Your Candlelight Concert and CMFCL was Music Through The Night. Dave "E" was Dave Evan. All programming was simulcast on AM & FM by late 1965.

"I Tell Ya, I Don't Get No Respect": UConn President Homer Babbidge tried stand-up comedy on the air during the 1966 Marathon, while holding an inflated condom (or is it a balloon?) in his left hand.

If Show Tunes Are "Good", Is Rock 'n Roll "Bad"? Mike Dalton keeps a campaign promise, and in late 1966 live broadcasting begins at 7:00am. The "special specials" must have really been special!

A "Heeling" class announcement from 1967- Truth in Advertising?


The only 1960s era photo in the Memories Museum of the WHUS studios in Living Color: Wayne Norman in the Studio A Control Room in 1967. Wayne is doing an “AM/FM Split”, which wasn’t a 60s dance craze, but a switching process that allowed us to run a commercial on AM and a public service announcement on our non-commercial “educational” FM station at the same time. The Western Union clock was gone, replaced by a freebie electric clock from Rob Roy Jewelers in Willimantic.

Wayne has also contributed a WHUS Sports photo of Dave Silverman, Bob Porter, and him broadcasting a basketball game from the UConn Field House in 1969.

Images of the Early 70s From Les Morrell

An official Ancient Archives Club Membership Card from the early 70s

The front page of the October 1972 Ancient Archives Club Newsletter

The Favorite Forty records of the early 70s were listed in the weekly WHUS Pop Music Survey

An article in the 6/15/71 Willimantic Chronicle about the first summer broadcasts on WHUS

"Les Izzmorr" (Les Morrell) on the air at WHUS in 1973. Willimantic Chronicle, 8/24/73.

Super67 Radio: The Rock of UConn

The Rock” – aka “North Campus Rock,” “Signal Rock,” “North Campus Bulletin Board” – was first painted in the 1940s and became a coveted tradition at UConn among students. The original rock was a much larger piece that lived on North Eagleville Road, where the Life Sciences building sits today. In the late 1950’s, when the Life Sciences building was constructed, the rock had to be removed. A smaller piece of the rock was relocated to the corner of North Eagleville Road and North Hillside Road. For 40 years, this piece of rock was painted by student organizations, accumulating approximately 1,200 layers of paint! With new construction during the UCONN 2000 project, the rock was removed yet again and disappeared from the Storrs campus. It was recovered, cleaned up and installed – permanently – in its new home at the corner of Alumni Drive and North Hillside Road in 2008.

The Best Of The Whust: A sideshow of UConn Radio through the years

2002 Mini-Reunion & 2003 Mega-Reunion Photos