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I was a Super67 Radio "on air personality" on The Afternoon Soiree with Robert J on Super67 WHUS-AM from 1962 to 1964, and am especially interested in contact from anyone associated with the station from 1960 to 1966. Here's a partial list of names of WHUS staff who were on the air and behind the scenes during that period:

Dave Desmond (aka Danny Driver)  |  John Eklund (aka Johnny Lund)  |  Jeff Tellis  |  "Rockin' Russ" Ginns  |   Norm Voog  |   Carol Petito  |  "Bouncing Barry" Kircher  |  John Babina  |  Georgia Nikola  |   Pete Phillips  |  Gary Girard  |  Winston Heimer  |   Dave Delage |  Gene Roure |  Al Robbins |  Tom Dinnella  |  Steve Primack  |  Bruce Cunningham  |  Dave Day  |  Bill Grimes  |  Rina Helfgott  |  Tom Hindle |  Steve Kotchko  |  Bob Matzner |  Mary Lou McGuire (aka Carla Saunders) |  Cliff Milliken  |  Dave Millson  |  Alan Ritchie |  Marge Rooney |  Rick Semels |  Tom Scanlan  |  Norm Zareski  |  Debbie Zolov

What have they been doing for the last 40+ years? Where are they now?

Profiles, photos, and memories of the 1950 to 1999 WHUS people we've located to date, names of some 1960s alumni we're still looking for, and instructions for getting your name and profile listed are on our WHUS Alumni site.



Station Manager Jeff Tellis (left) keeping a watchful eye on Yours Truly during an Afternoon Soiree with Robert J broadcast.

Faster than a revolving turntable, more powerful than a ten watt FM radio signal, able to leap on tall bar stools at Flaherty's at a single bound! Robert J, mild mannered disk jockey for a closed circuit AM college radio station, became Super67man for personal appearances at some UConn campus events in the early 60s. Here's the Student of Steel doing a remote broadcast of a record hop in the Student Union ballroom and protecting WHUS "Good Girl" deejays Georgia Nikola (left) and Carol Petito (right) from evil villians and professors in front of the Student Union and in the WHUS studio.

An official University Student ID card from the '60s. Her "Lucky Student ID Number" was 17 (the sum of the 3 digits in her ID Number), and she would have been the winner of a sponsor's product, a package of Verv caffeine tablets, if she was the first to call the station after we announced that number on the air. Of course I knew the ID Numbers of my girlfriend and her friends, so they always managed to call instantaneously and won a lot of caffeine "uppers" when I was on the air. Did that make us drug dealers?


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