80 Years Of UConn Radio: From The Wireless To The Web


All the records we played on Super67 Radio in the early '60s felt good on the ears. I personally tested each one to be sure.


Whose Favorite Forty records for the week ending December 7, 1963 were these? Dave Desmond and I "surveyed" each other. Any similarity between our Favorite 40 and WDRC's Swingin' 60 or the Cash Box Top 40 was purely coincidental!

(More 1963 Favorite 40 Music Videos below)

Georgia Nikola (aka Georgia Onyourmind), who did some modeling while at UConn and gained national recognition in 1963 magazine ads as The ExLax Girl, was featured on the record sleeve photo of the WHUSeys' (Robert J, Win Heimer, John Babina, and Jeff Tellis) one and only record. I don't think that the record made into even the Favorite 400, probably because of a bad choice for a group name and/or a song name. Our lack of talent had nothing to do with it.


These are some of the records we played on Super67 Radio in 1963. How many do you remember? How many would you rather forget?

Week of September 30, 1963

1          Talk To Me--Sunny

2          Cry To Me--Betty Harris

3          Crossfire--Orlons

4          Be My Baby--Ronettes

5          The Monkey Time--Major Lance

6          Blue Velvet--Bobby Vinton

7          Part Time Love--Little Johnny Taylor

8          A Love So Fine--Chiffons

9          Heat Wave--Martha & Vandellas

10         It Won't Be This Way Always--King Pins

11         Cry Baby--Garnet Mims

12         Straighten Up Your Heart--Barbara Lewis

13         Donna The Prima Donna--Dion

14         I Wonder What She's Doin Tonite--Barry & The Tammerlanes

15         Little Deuce Coupe/Surfer Girl--Beach Boys

16         Sally Go Round The Roses--Jaynets

17         Bust Out--Busters

18         My Boyfriend's Back--Angels

19         A Walkin Miracle--Essex

20         I Can't Stay Mad At You--Skeeter Davis

21         That Sunday, That Summer--Nat King Cole

22         Only In America--Jay & The Americans

23         Blue Bayou--Roy Orbison

24         Let's Make Love Tonite--Bobby Rydell

25         Workout Stevie Workout--Little Stevie Wonder

26         Fools Rush In--Rick Nelson

27         Betty In Bermudas--Dovells

28         Misty--Lloyd Price

29         Deep Purple--Stevens & Tempo

30         Guitars, Guitars, Guitars--Al Casey

31         Treat My Baby Good--Bobby Darin

32         Honolulu Lulu--Jan & Dean

33         When The Boys Are Happy--Four Pennies

34         Then He Kissed Me--Crystals

35         He's Mine--Alice Wonderland

36         Sugar Shack--Jimmy Gilmer

37         Hey Girl--Freddie Scott

38         What Does A Girl Do--Shirelles

39         Love At First Sight--Crayons

40         Busted--Ray Charles 

Hit records that we played often in 1962  1963  1964 

The WHUS "Favorite Forty on Super67 Radio" lists for every week in 1962, 1963, and 1964. The lists are actually from WABC Music Radio 77 in New York, but they always used our "Favorite 40" Survey to prepare theirs anyway:  1962  1963  1964

One of Phil Spector's early efforts. Never on the Favorite Forty List but a great group name. 



The Records I Played On The Afternoon Soiree

Click on a title to play the .mp3 file now. If you want to download the song to listen to it offline whenever you have the urge or put it on your mp3 player, right click on the title then left click on "Save Target As".


The Supremes first recordings are released.

James Brown records his famous Live At the Apollo album


Surf music rules the airwaves

Little Stevie Wonder recorded his first #1 hit, "Fingertips – Pt. 2,"


Neagle Nifties Of The 1950s & Early '60s

50s & 60s Rock: The birth of rock and roll in the 50s and its evolution during the 60s, as demonstated by the legendary artists that changed our culture and the world.

60s Pop: An exciting mix of pop music from the 1960s, the decade of change: Beatles and Brits, surf sounds, the top singers and songs, hot soul and great harmonies.

Listen to both on 


Rockin' Russ Ginns has converted 1962 and 1972 Ancient Archives Show tapes and early 60s WHUS station promos to CDs & .mp3 files. Visit the WHUS Ancient Archives for show playlists. Thanks to WHUS alumnus Terry King, who has allowed us to use some of his website space, you can listen to some of the files now. Click on a description below to play the .mp3 file. If you want to download the file to listen to it offline whenever you have the urge, right click on the description then left click on "Save Target As".

The first 15 minutes of a 1962 Ancient Archives Show

The last 15 minutes of the Show & Station Signoff 

WHUS Ancient Archives Show Promos

WHUS Station Promos and a Station Signon

Percy & Ed on Campus

Other Audio Files

Les Morrell talks about a 1971 Ancient Archives Club show with Ray Hardman on WNPR

Thanks to WHUS alumnus Tom Dinnella, you can listen to Rockin' Russ's WHUS Ancient Archives theme song Purple Wail and the CCC Marathon theme song The Gong Gong Song in .mp3 format.

Les Morrell's Ancient Archives Club theme song

 WHUS Memories Museum RealPlayer Audio Files

(Download a free RealPlayer at

Listen to Rockin' Russ's WHUS Ancient Archives theme song Purple Wail  

Listen to the 1961 STOP Marathon classic excerpt of Percy and Ed on Campus 



Murray The K, Alan Freed, Ron Lundy, Bruce Morrow, Herb Oscar Anderson, Dan Ingram, Peter Tripp, Scott Muni, Mad Daddy

We’ve tracked down a great 15 minute montage of airchecks from New York radio stations in the 1950s and 1960s and you can hear it right here in the WHUS Memories Museum.

This montage shows why radio isn't fun any more. No personality, all 'canned', voice-tracked, sterile pap at best, trash at worst. Nothing 'local'. We no longer have "On Air Personalities". The montage was put together by Peter Mokover, who still has the original master tape of it and all of the original airchecks the various segments came from (except for Alan Freed and Murray The K which came from some record albums).

New York Radio Airchecks Montage